Welcome, please read below!

This page is here to make the app preemptively friendly for battery based devices and those with slow/limited network connections.

This page will only show up on your first visit. You will also get a similar page when there is an update to alert those on limited data about the update size. You will be able to modify the behaviour of this page or come back here via the websites settings menu.

Information for devices containing batteries or use slow/limited data.

If your device contains a small battery, like a mobile phone or small tablet, then, depending on what you do, this app could strain said battery so it is ill advised that you do anything intensive. This website contains tools which perform tasks like image resizing on the Media page and much more.

If your device is on a slow network, the website may load slower than normal. If however, you are on limited data, it is ill advised that you continue. This website uses technology which is optimised for speed over size and may drain your remaining data allowance.

This website is based on .NET Blazor WebAssembly. WebAssembly is an industry standard for running 'native' code on the browser within an isolated sandbox (it cant touch your system). This allows for increased speed and the ability to do a lot which wasnt possible prior however, the size of the website is much larger and therefore may not be suitable for those on limited data allowances.

When you load the website, it will download the .NET Runtime WASM, which is quite large and store it in your browser only for this website for the next time you visit but, not all of it will be stored and updates to the website could trigger a re-download of the entire runtime.

Privacy Information.

This website is created using Mozilla Firefox Stable and Apple Safari Stable with the harshest security and privacy settings available, while also using using uBlock Origin, Ad Guard, Privacy Badger and CanvasBlocker. The goal is to keep all of these from blocking anything to create the best experience possible.

This website does not condone tracking of any sort, which is why this very page exists, to fend off bots, scrapers and corporate tracking tools of all kinds. There are also NO ads and NO cookies on this website since that would inject corporate tracking code into the website and I (Stryxus) dont want to be responsible for making money off your harvested data. I dont want to feed the machine further.