Welcome, please read below!

Due to the cutting edge nature of this website, a few feature tests are run before loading, determining how many features your browser supports.

This page is here to also make the app preemptively friendly for battery based devices and those with slow networks.

This page will only show up on your first visit or when one of the tests is flagged. You will also get a similar page when there is an update to alert those on limited data about the update size. You will be able to modify the behaviour of this page or come back here in the websites settings.

Battery & limited data devices information


Some browsers have WebAssembly disabled, most commonly on organisational devices over fears of security.

WebAssembly is the core of what runs this website allowing the .NET Runtime to be run in your browser and C# code to be executed.

AVIF Decoding

AVIF is used for this websites imagery and animations due to its extreme effeciency and superior feature set when compared to legacy formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF. AVIF is based off AV1 but implemented seperatly.

MP4 [AV1/Opus] Decoding

MP4 is a standardised video/audio container which supports AV1 (Video) and Opus (Audio), it is used for this websites videos due to its extreme effeciency when compared to that of h264, h265 and more including capabilities like HDR formatting.

FLAC Decoding

FLAC is used for this website and is a royalty free audio format designed for hi-res audio at about half the size of formats like WAV.